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Videos by Qliance Medical Group in Seattle. Qliance provides exceptional access and personalized primary care for a surprisingly affordable monthly membership fee. By working outside the insurance system, we can offer unrestricted same-day appts. 7 days/week for as little as $49-89/mo.

Other Qliance Medical Group videos

WA State Senator Chris Marr on Value of Direct Practices
Senator Chris Marr, co-sponsor of the Innovative Primary Health Care Delivery Senate Bill 5958 that supports the Qliance model for primary care, describes how “direct practice medicine is very elegant in its premise of putting doctors and patients at the center of the health care equation while reducing cost. Even more compelling is how this high touch primary care model works to improve the efficacy of preventive care.” Senator Marr concluded his remarks by saying that, “This piece of health care policy improves quality and cost, without additional government intervention and regulation, and on top of that, without requiring additional state funding. As a state policy maker, that’s like the trifecta.”

WA Governor Christine Gregoire on Qliance
Qliance Medical Group celebrated its recent launch with a reception attended by over one hundred Washington State legislators and officials, strategic partners, investors and staff, plus many representatives from the Seattle area physician and hospital community. Governor Christine Gregoire discussed the need for innovation and risk taking in serving the uninsured and especially the under-insured. “Our theme is: drive up safety, drive up quality, drive down costs—that’s what Qliance is all about. So what you are doing here with your vision is really what we’ve been trying to embrace. But we can’t achieve it if we simply look at it through the old same lenses that we’ve had historically,” said the Governor. “What Qliance has as a vision and a model is to allow doctors to do what they love and what they feel passionate about, to give patients like the two from whom we have heard tonight what they so richly deserve at an affordable cost and with high quality. It is patient safety. It is driving down costs. So I come simply to say, thank you to those who are investing. Thank you to those of you who are providing the care. Thank you to those of you who are getting the care.”

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